PRE-ORDER: Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged – Rivense


Origin: Costa Rica

Region: Brunca

Barrel: 15 gallon FEW Rye Whiskey Barrel

Time in barrel: 30 days

Tasting notes: To Be Determined…

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This is a Pre-Order This LIMITED RELEASE coffee:  the coffee will be roasted and bagged starting After Thanksgiving, and will ship shortly afterwards. Special 250bags screen printed by Rockford Art Deli will hold your coffee until it arrives at your door. 

This product represents the second installment of a Barrel Series that started earlier this year. Much like beer or wine, unroasted coffee beans will pick up certain flavors from a barrel. So we put some of our Rivense Coffee into a barrel that originally was a Rye Whiskey Barrel from FEW Spirits, The barrel was then used for a home brewed Mead by a member of The Forest City Brewers.      We’re excited and we think you’ll be pleased with the results.


is located in the community of San Juan Norte de Rivas of Perez Zeledon in the province of San José; between the mountains of Cerro de la Muerte and Chirripo. They produce and harvest there own coffee. The coffee they produce is a Strictly Hard Bean (SHB), 100% Arabic, cultivated at an altitude from 1350 to 1650 meters above sea level. Coffee from Rivense has become known for having a fine balance of body, aroma and acidity with excellent fragrance and pleasant chocolaty flavor. The entire harvest is sun dried, using a combination of covered and uncovered drying methods on raised beds. Recently they have starting experimenting with Honey Processing, a method that allows the bean to dry while still in contact with a percentage of the fruity parts of the coffee cherry. The farm and the family take every effort to protect the environment so that they can ensure preservation for future generations.


In February of 2016 our Roaster and co-owner Benjamin had the the great opportunity of traveling with a group of his peers and mentors to Costa Rica on the 2016 Roasters Guild origin trip. On that trip the team visited Rivense Del Chirripo. It was through the visit to the farm and the friends that Benjamin made on this trip that Rivense came to Rockford. Read more about his trip here.

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