PURA VIDA, a photo show.

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Pura Vida,

It means Pure Life, but in Costa Rica its more than a saying, it’s a greeting, a celebration, and a philosophy. Pure Life, is a mantra that Costa Ricans live every day.

In February 2016 I visited several coffee growing regions in Costa Rica, with a group of my peers and mentors. Baristas, and roasters, and importers alike joined me on this educational journey. Together with the other side of the industry; growers, farm owners, harvesters, co-op managers, and exporters, we daily work toward the common goal of providing a quality product. My job as a roaster / shop owner is just a small part of the supply chain of coffee. If the coffee you drink here tastes good, it’s not due to my or anyone else’s effort alone, it is the hard work and care of literally dozens of individuals or systems put in place to ensure that the coffee ends up being of high quality. The people photographed here deeply care about making a great product, but they also care about sharing that product with others. In my opinion this is a cord that connects every link in the specialty coffee chain. It’s why we do what we do, and its just one way of living

Pura Vida!


Benjamin  @ROASTYBEN

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