Espresso Bar Menu

Espresso is a brew method which produces a strong, rich, often viscous coffee beverage. A special machine is used that forces a small amount of water at high pressure through finely ground coffee. Contact time between coffee and water is around 25 seconds. The resulting liquid is about 2 oz. in volume, we call this a “double shot.”

Our espresso menu is made up of drinks with 1  double shot of espresso + different ratios of water or milk, the drinks will vary in both strength and sweetness.

Brew at Home

Pour over coffee, or hand drip coffee, is an old-fashioned technique that uses a coffee dripper, which is basically a fancy funnel. Proponents of the dripper claim that it makes better coffee. With a drip coffee maker, the water runs over plastic parts that may retain a stale taste, and sits on a heating pad that creates more of a bitter taste.

By exploring hand drip coffee, you, the barista-in-charge, can pay attention to the fine details of the brewing process, rather than simply pressing a button. Pouring the water by hand, more slowly over the coffee, will result in the extraction of more flavor. Drippers also take up less space in the cupboard or on the counter than a coffee maker, and they’re super convenient for making only a mug-full of coffee, although they can be used for a whole pot.

Things You'll Need
  • 30 grams of fresh roasted Rockford Roasting Company coffee
  • 450 ml of purified water
  • A Pour Over Brewer (you will be able to buy a Hario V-60 [pictured] from us at our N. Main location)
  • Appropriately sized filters
Things You May Want
  • A Grinder
    We can grind your coffee for you when you buy it, but if you brew at home often, you’ll want to invest in a burr grinder.
  • A Gram Scale
    this will take your ability to brew to the next level
  • A Kettle with Pouring Spout
The Process
  1. Start by weighing out 30 grams of coffee.
  2. Heat water to just below boiling (195o-205o is the recommended range).
  3. Use hot water to wet the filter and warm up the serving vessel (be sure to empty vessel after warming).
  4. Add coffee to filter.
  5. Bloom coffee(by adding just enough water to thoroughly wet all the coffee grounds.
  6. Wait about 30-50 seconds as the coffee releases some gasses (the fresher the coffee the more gasses will be released).
  7. After bloom settles, slowly pour the remaining amount of water over the coffee grounds. Making concentric circles being sure sure pour over the entire surface of the grounds.
  8. Recipe should yield about 16 oz. of coffee.